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Group work: the power of introverts

*coming soon...

I run a fortnightly group aimed at people who self-identify as introverts. The purpose of the group is for participants to explore their inner and outer relationships to introvertedness. It will also offer peer support from fellow introverts and opportunities to stretch into areas of discomfort, on a basis of compassion and curiosity.


Exploring in a group setting can offer individuals a chance to reframe what it means to be an introvert in today's society, one that can often overlook the power of those who prefer the quiet to the noise.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact me for further details. 

Individual therapy

In-person & online / €70 per session


The reasons for coming to therapy could centre around a single overwhelming event, as much as they could relate to issues that are complicated, prolonged and developmental. I offer a space where you can explore and give new meaning to what is troubling you.

I am trained in Integrative and attachment-based Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am especially sensitive to the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how they can imprint themselves in our present-day relationships and experience of being in the world.

My approach is grounded in the idea that the therapeutic relationship can offer the opportunity to reframe the story we carry about ourselves. The process can allow for new perspectives to be internalised, supporting us to reclaim both our present and future.

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