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Men's process group

More details to follow soon.

Individual therapy

In-person & online / €70 per session


People come to therapy for various reasons. Sometimes it's about dealing with a single, overwhelming event, while at other times, it's related to complex and long-standing issues. Whatever brings you here, I offer a safe and welcoming space where you can explore and find new meaning in the challenges you're facing.

I am trained in Integrative and attachment-based Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am especially sensitive to the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how they can leave lasting imprints on our present-day relationships and experience of being in the world.

My approach is grounded in the belief that the therapeutic relationship is a powerful tool for change. It can offer the opportunity to reframe the story we carry about ourselves, opening the door to new perspectives. This process can help you reclaim your present and future, fostering growth and healing.

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